Your passport is probably your most important travel document. You should make sure that you do everything to safeguard it to avoid travel delays,missed flights and more importantly the extra expense of getting a new one in the event it’s stolen,lost or compromised.

Top 5 Passport Travel Tips

1.Make sure your Passport is Valid 
If you are planning to travel internationally it is very import that your passport is valid throughout your stay in a particular country. Most countries require that your passport be valid for at least months after your arrival date. This is extremely important because if your passport doesn’t meet this criteria you might be denied entry.  To make sure that your passport is  valid  check here

2.  Do you need a Visa?
So many travelers find themselves in the unfortunate situation of arriving in a country with securing a travel or entry visa. Some countries require that visitors secure a visa PRIOR to their travel. Not having the required entry documents could lead to costly travel delays and even denied entry. So prior to purchasing tickets to a particular destination check and see what that countries Visa requirements are. Here is a great link: Click Here

3. Always keep your Passport Secure 
 Most countries you travel to will be relatively safe. However you always have to be aware of people that are trying to steal valuable information such as credit card information, debit card information and your passport.  One key travel tip is to NEVER carry your passport or any other valuables for that matter in your back pocket.  This is the easiest way to have your passport or other valuables stolen and compromised. Always keep them in your front pockets or a backpack pr purse that you have control of all the time. also always check your surroundings and double check trains,buses and taxis as you exit to make sure you have not dropped or left anything behind.  I suggest using a neck pouch or a money belt to secure your passport,money and other valuables.

4. Make copies of your Passport and Important Travel Documents
I recommend that you make at least two copies (front & back) of your passport, important travel documents, and credit/debit cards. Take one set with you and keep them in a place separate from your actual passport. Also leave a set of copies back home with someone you trust in the event you need them to send them to you.

5. Lock your passport up when you leave your hotel 
When you are out and about sightseeing and enjoying you visit to a new country, you don’t always need to have your passport on you. So instead of taking the chance or losing it or getting it stolen I would suggest that you secure your passport in the hotel safe.  Room safes provide some security but it has been my experience that many hotel room safes have default pass codes that are known by hotel employees. Therefore, the main hotel safe usually located at the front desk is a much safer option for securing your passport and and other valuables.

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