Here a few simple and easy travel tips that will help make your trip easier and more enjoyable. Enjoy !

5 Easy Must-Read Travel Tips ! 


1.  Don’t Overpack ! Less is More.
Far too many travels over pack and often take needless items with them when they travel. Check out the weather for your destination and pack accordingly. Flexibility is the key word. Pack outfits that can easily be interchanged and matched with other items you bring.  I suggest that you roll your clothes rather than fold them and try packing cubes. they have saved me so much space and headaches when preparing for long trip. They also allow to easily and organize your suitcase or carry-on bag.

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 2.  Do your Home Work before you leave home. 
Take the time to so research about your destination before you leave home.Check out things like lodging options (hotels,hostels,B&B’s, etc) Public transportation options like buses,trains,trams and ferry’s. Some cities have Uber available so make sure you download that app. The internet is packed with websites that review local restaurants,clubs, festivals, tours and upcoming events. Also check the visa requirements of the country you are visiting to avoid headaches upon arrival. A little homework will save you a lot of headaches and stress later on.


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3.  Have a realistic itinerary .
Planning a trip can be exciting and overwhelming at the same time. Planning a trip and organizing where,when and what to see can be too much for some people. Many cities have far too many tourist attractions to see in one or two days. I suggest that you identify a focus for your trip and decided what attractions and places are the most important for you
and concentrate on them. Don’t try and cram your sites or locations into a very short time frame. Take into consideration the time of year you are visiting, travel times,delays,outages,strikes,etc. that might affect your ability to reach your desired destinations.


 4.  Invest in Travel Insurance.
Travel insurance might seem to be a optional expense when you travel but if your are traveling abroad it is actually a very important thing to have. travel insurance covers not only medical emergencies but it also covers trip interruption, lost luggage,damaged valuables and other things that might occur during your trip.  making an investment in travel insurance is a smart thing to do. As with anything else the cheapest policy isn’t always the best. Look carefully at the terms and limits of the policy to insure that your are adequately covered.


5.  Make sure you have your Medications 
Make sure that you pack your prescription medication prior to leaving home for your trip. Securing medications that you might have left at home can be very frustrating and not to mention expensive after you get to your destination. I would check and double check that you have an adequate supply of your medications prior to leaving home. I would also pack routine medications that address ailments that many travelers encounter such as  motion sickness medication, Antidiarrheal medication Decongestant, Anti-motion sickness medication,Medicine for pain or fever,Mild laxative,Cough suppressant/expectorant and Cough drops.

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