Thailand: My First 2 Months – Bangkok

From the moment I landed at the Airport in Bangkok 2 months ago I was smitten by Thailand. Even after just a few hours in the bustling super busy capitol city of Bangkok I knew I was falling in love with Thailand. It just felt right. It felt exciting yet safe for some reason. It was scary but in a good way.
I settled into my Hostel and it was a great experience actually the most comfortable bed I have slept in in my travels over 6 countries so far. I ventured out into the Bangkok and immediately I was struck by the tantalizing scent of street food ! I can tell you honestly it smelled like I could just eat the entire city. 

Keith at CheaperBetter Streetfood in Bangkok 

I walked few blocks down Silom Road in Bangkok and found my good friend Keith at CheaperBetter Street Food. It was culinary love at first site.The food was fresh, cooked to order and it tasted so amazing. The flavors and textures blended in my mouth like a symphony spice and sweetness.

I spent the next few days exploring Bangkok on my own and there was so much to see I couldn’t get it all  in just 3 days. 

More later, Please check out my Bangkok Pics:


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